IELTSスピーキングのサンプル問題と模範解答 #1

IELTSスピーキング のサンプル問題(例題)と模範解答(解答例)です。





Part 1

Q. What kinds of emails do you receive about your work?


A. Most of my inbox is filled with inquiries from customers and partners.
I also receive occasional emails from my boss and coworkers.


Q. Do you prefer to email, phone, or text your friends?


A. I prefer to use send messages through apps so that they can reply to
them at their convenience. There are also various emojis to decorate
your messages.


Q. Do you reply to emails and messages as soon as you receive them?


A. I think it’s polite to reply to emails and text messages as soon as
possible. At the same time, I try not to check my email or smart phone
too often because I really hate to be thought of as someone who has
nothing else better to do.


Q. Are you happy to receive emails that are advertising things?


A. No, I’m not. I do my best to filter my email settings so that I don’t
receive them. I check my spam box often and try to delete them before
they accumulate.


Part 2

Q. Describe a hotel that you know.

You should say:

where this hotel is

what this hotel looks like what facilities this hotel has

and explain whether you think this is a nice hotel to stay in.





A. The most beautiful hotel I have come across is called Seasons Bali,and it is located in one of the most beautiful paradises on earth, Bali, Indonesia. The hotel is a private sanctuary with sprawling grounds and magnificent architecture while also having lush gardens
and a stunningly beautiful exterior that sits right by the ocean.
Considered one of Bali’s best heritage-style luxury hotels, it has all
the comforts offered to the most demanding of people. Facilities
include an infinity pool, multiple dining venues, library, theater,
gym, and spa. Each villa has its private pool, hot tub, and rooftop
terrace from where you can overlook the ocean. With a good drink in
hand, you can lie on a lounger and watch the beautiful sea. There is
also a kid’s area where you can leave your kids and enjoy your time as
a couple, which is excellent for us with two small children. One of
the best features of this hotel is that they make sure there is enough
space for all guests so that they do not feel crowded. There is
outside service in the morning, serving only snacks for those who
enjoy the pool. In the main restaurant, various dishes are served
buffet-style in the morning. The hotel’s main bar is crowded with
tourists as singers and dancers perform a show in the evening.
Alcoholic beverages are served almost all night long. I think this was
one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in, and my family was
pleased with it.

私が出会った最も美しいホテルはSeasons Baliというホテルで、地球上で最も美しい楽園のひとつであるインドネシアのバリ島にあります。このホテルは、広大な敷地と壮麗な建築物を持ちながら、海のすぐそばにある緑豊かな庭園と目を見張るような美しい外観を持つ、プライベートサンクチュアリです。バリで最高のヘリテージスタイルのラグジュアリーホテルのひとつとされ、最も要求の厳しい人々に提供される快適さをすべて備えています。施設内には、インフィニティプール、複数のダイニング施設、ライブラリー、シアタールーム、ジム、スパなどがあります。各ヴィラには、プライベートプール、ホットタブ、そして海を見渡せる屋上テラスがあります。美味しいお酒を片手に、リクライニングチェアに寝そべって美しい海を眺めることができます。また、子供を預けて夫婦の時間を楽しむことができるキッズエリアもあり、小さな子供が2人いる私たちにとっては最高の環境です。このホテルの一番の長所は、すべてのゲストに十分なスペースを確保して、混雑を感じさせないようにしていることです。朝には外のサービスがあり、プールを楽しむ人のためのスナックだけを提供しています。メインレストランでは、朝から様々な料理がビュッフェスタイルで提供されています。ホテルのメインバーでは、夜になると歌手やダンサーによるショーが行われ、多くの観光客で賑わっています。アルコール飲料はほぼ一晩中提供されています。今まで泊まったホテルの中でも一番、家族が満足できるホテルだったと思います。

Part 3

Q. What things are essential when people are choosing a hotel?


A. In general, the higher the hotel’s price, the higher the service
people expect. A quality hotel will never leave you dissatisfied from
when you make a reservation to the last moment you check out and leave
the hotel. A friend of mine is a hotel connoisseur, and he always
stays in his favorite hotels or the ones that have been recommended to
him by others, because he values service the most.


Q. Why do some people not like staying in hotels?


A. Those people are probably too comfortable in their own homes. They
have their favorite interior design, furniture, curtains, bedspreads,
etc., and they don’t want to go somewhere they don’t like what they
see. My sister is so picky that she would never stay in a hotel
because she prefers to do the cleaning herself, whenever she wants,
instead of asking someone else to do it.


Q. Do you think staying in a luxury hotel is a waste of money?


A. No, I don’t think so. A quality hotel is one where the service is
attentive, where every detail has been thought out to please the
guest, and where the guest can truly relax. I love luxury hotels and
look forward to staying there once in a while to relax getting away
from busy days of work and household chores.


Q. Do you think hotel work is a good career for life?


A. Definitely, yes. Employees of luxury hotels, in particular, are
expected to have the highest level of hospitality, so they need to go
through rigorous training to establish their careers and hone their
skills throughout their work lives. It can be very rewarding and worth
pursuing. My friend has also put in considerable effort and has
recently been promoted to the hotel manager.


Q. How does working in a big hotel compare with working in a small hotel?


A. In a large hotel, the organizational structure is clear and you only
have to do the work you signed for, so things may be more
straightforward. Also, as with any large company, there is a good pay
and benefits package, and there are often opportunities for
advancement. On the other hand, a small hotel may be more rewarding as
you are given a variety of tasks and can see the big picture, but the
benefits may not be as good.


Q. What skills are needed to be a successful hotel manager?


A. According to a friend of mine who is a hotel manager, the spirit of
hospitality is vital. He says that if you focus on one thing, which is
how to make your guests feel comfortable and satisfied, you will
naturally know what to do. There may be times when you clash with your
coworkers, but it is best to follow the path you believe in.